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Picking up the staff

A long, long time ago, in an Earth’s continent, creatures that would gave origin to Mankind, descended from a tree. An event with the known consequences.

One crumbling step after the other, we’ve spread ourselves through the orb, but that tree, that tree we once called home, remained alive, following its nature, following the rhythm of the seasons, loosing leaves, earning a new foliage, sharing its fruits.

That same tree is within us, within each one of us, always present in our collective experience as a species.

We are now under the shadow of a different tree, the universal one, scanning its branches, aiming at its juicy fruitage, never tasted before.

As, in the remoteness of time, we became bipedal beings who started roaming the land in search of the proper sites where we could thrive, we are now taking that pursuance a little farer.

Nowadays, hot jupiters and other almost unclassifiable sorts of exoplanets are our new deserts, our new abysses but…somewhere there, in the distance, a new verdant valley awaits us.

What we are doing here, peering at the stars, is the equivalent to our long march along the ridges of the Earth, on a vital scouting for survival.

We are, once more, picking up the staff, we are, once more, nomads, stellar nomads.

We are clearing the way for the Homo Viator.


At the prow of the whole

It may look like that we are, each one, ultimately, alone in the vastness of the Universe.
It may look like that all its secrets and distances will remain elusive, unsurpassable for Mankind.
It may look like that we should just accomodate ourselves to this perspective and, calmly, with no questions, just resign to this fate.
The truth is that we do not agree with appearances and we do not cease wondering.
The truth is that we will strive to give a meaning to this, aparently, neverending wandering.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, not alone.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, the Universe itself.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, one.

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The gods of the Earth will wait for us in the distance

An always tricky subject has been the naming of exoplanets, with their number quickly rising it will not be far in the future that we will reach the first thousand of planets discovered beyond the Solar System.

Will we keep naming them as catalog entries or will we move towards another direction? One that can capture the imagination of the world’s people?

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Spirit. Your quest, our quest.

How can words fail you and emotion take over when you speak about a machine?
How can metal and wires give you a knot on your throat, make your eyes go teary and your heart to squeeze?
You become part of my life, everyday during these last 6 years, during its ups and downs, there you were, there we were, side by side in our hardships and glories, entangled in our far apart existences, I, from here, enticing you to go Onward! Always Onward…only to find myself amazed by listening to you, from the cold, harsh distance of Mars, whispering to me that everything is possible. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

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The Ultreya Chronicles – I

btc_avatar_ruiWhere will we be 1000 years from?
Maybe here, maybe there, maybe everywhere, maybe nowhere…
Species come and go, they pop out and vanish at a same rhythm, some leaving no trace, others just a mere glimpse of their passage, what would make us, humans, different?
We have, nowadays, the possibility of creating the conditions for perpetuating our existence by diminishing the risk of extinction.
How? Doing what we have always done: Spreading.

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April 12, 1961

To Go. Just Go. Where the will leads the step.
To Go. Just Go. Where the calling echoes.
From the journey to be to the territories to discover.
To Go. Just Go.
Having the moment as compass and ourselves as the hurdle to overcome.
Win the desert, the mountain, the valley, the sea, the beyond. 
Crawling, walking, sailing, flying. 
To Go. Just Go. Stumbling, falling, rising. Always was, always will be our path.
We are what we listen, what we sight, what we walk.
To Go. Just Go.
To the corners of the Earth, to the corners of the Universe, 
to the corners of ourselves.
There is a wind, precursor of a new departure.
We are, once more, aiming at the distance.
To Go. Just Go.
We are the whole quest.

Prima Lux

We have First Light.


Kepler has, 1 month and 1 day after launch, opened its eyes to the worlds ahead and, as an unavoidable, desired, consequence, it will reveal us the beacons in the horizon, the beacons in between the Swan and the Lyre signaling a new era.

We had once more, as in other bifurcations in the history of our evolution, two choices at our disposal, to stay or to walk. We have chosen to move onwards, in the only possible direction, leaving the shadow and heading into the light.   

From here on blinds have been open for Mankind, child of the galaxy, to look beyond our common cradle and to discover that there are other Earths with other Suns nurturing them. Kepler as finally opened its eyes in the direction of the stars in the image above, an image inhabited by our dreams, questions and futures odysseys. 

From here on, throughout the Milky Way, the planets like our beloved Terra are ours to sight, to discover, to learn about and, when time dictates it, to venture into.  

The new worlds are there, in the distance, waiting for us.   


More details to follow.