April 12, 1961

To Go. Just Go. Where the will leads the step.
To Go. Just Go. Where the calling echoes.
From the journey to be to the territories to discover.
To Go. Just Go.
Having the moment as compass and ourselves as the hurdle to overcome.
Win the desert, the mountain, the valley, the sea, the beyond. 
Crawling, walking, sailing, flying. 
To Go. Just Go. Stumbling, falling, rising. Always was, always will be our path.
We are what we listen, what we sight, what we walk.
To Go. Just Go.
To the corners of the Earth, to the corners of the Universe, 
to the corners of ourselves.
There is a wind, precursor of a new departure.
We are, once more, aiming at the distance.
To Go. Just Go.
We are the whole quest.
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