At the prow of the whole

It may look like that we are, each one, ultimately, alone in the vastness of the Universe.
It may look like that all its secrets and distances will remain elusive, unsurpassable for Mankind.
It may look like that we should just accomodate ourselves to this perspective and, calmly, with no questions, just resign to this fate.
The truth is that we do not agree with appearances and we do not cease wondering.
The truth is that we will strive to give a meaning to this, aparently, neverending wandering.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, not alone.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, the Universe itself.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, one.

From this cradle of ours let us take the essential, this cradle where we came into existence, where we have take our first breath and opened our eyes to the world around us, this same cradle is where we learn how to walk, where we should face the cosmos as constant apprenticeship.
It is there, beyond Earth’s shores, its rivers and creatures, its deserts and forests, its cities and mountains, that lies the seed and the fruit, it is there, beyond, that we all, little, curious, sentient clumps of matter, are.
In our will to free ourselves from the cradle, lies the biggest of all treasures, one that is urgent to pursue, care, feed.

Our roads intersect, our dreams are entangled, and they speak of here and now as something unique, that we must, as an imperative, seize.
As we walk the ground, one foot after the other, as we touch a rock golden by the dawn’s sun, each time we interact with each other we are exploring the Universe.
Our combined visions, experiences and knowledge are the fulcrum of a lever with an astounding stoutness.
Here. Now. You. Me. We. One. At the prow of the whole, sailing a sea of discovery, amazement and reunion.

Billions of years separate us from the beggining of all things, in that same beggining, you, me, every living creature, everything that is, started its wade, its pilgrimage through existence.
We find ourselves, in this present time, in this present space, sharing a common opportunity, to,
consciously, share the wonders of this journey through the universe, we are, at a same time, those with the power to generate questions and to seek the answers. We are the whole on a quest for its own reason. The Universe has, in its infinite sequence of events, generated its own awareness and we, as life, as percipient life, are at the treshold of the Incredible.
Shall we stand there, like lazy dogs under the sun or shall we, once more, dare to cross it?
Dare to go the distance? Assume the distance? Be the distance?

There, somewhere in the hap that infinite space and time generated, there is something undefinied that looks at us in the eyes, questions us and entice us to launch ourselves towards a new adventure, a permanent challenge, permanent restlessness, permanent joy.
It is in that hap, in this never ending movement, that we fulfill ourselves, that we recognize ourselves as a star, as the smell of grass, a particle, a watchful finch, a moon, a river’s meander, a galaxy, as the skin we touch, as a new world.
It is there that we will be, free to make our own mistakes, free to decide where will our step take us, what will be our direction facing the crossroad.
Whatever that path may be, it will be, one way or the other, towards home.

  1. August 4th, 2010

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