Kepler Mission – Anticipating First Light – Editor’s Note


Until today we are, once more, one tribe sitting at the shore of the sea, not knowing what lays beyond it, what unimagined islands, continents, other tribes await us? We simply don’t know, until now all we could do was to think, to dream, to hope.

But we have decided to send a scout, one that will change our knowledge in a so profound way that nothing will be the same after his return.


What will he see? What will he retrieve us?

Now, where dragons await us, can there be an eden?

Now, where silent rules, can there be voices?

Now, where we can only see the distant sparkling, can there be life? 


The answer to these questions is a long journey that we have commited to and where Kepler plays a vital role. 


There is a whole new adventure ahead. 

What can there be beyond the curve of the path? Among the stars where we reflect our possible tomorrow as a species? Beyond the curve of the path worlds expect us, beyond the curve of the path the future expect us.  


And it is a privilege for humans of our time to witness these steps, as in the past, through the Discoveries, different worlds within our world have met, we are now taking the vital journey towards the next level, the meeting of planets.


Where will this take us? No one knows. No one can imagine. But Kepler is sailing towards it, towards the horizon, towards the other shore.


We’ll have to wait some time until we know what the first glimpse will reveal but the moment is decisive, historical, the moment when Kepler sees its cover removed and captures its first light it will be the day Mankind opened the eyes to an upcoming reality: that Earth is a cradle among cradles. 

We are in the age of scouting, the one preceding the great voyages.

In the time of the Discoveries a plan was first drawn, the knowledge and resources were gathered and exploratory missions where launched, establishing outposts, stepping stones in the opening of the sea and in the birth of a whole new era for Mankind. 

We are now in the process of sending missions to our neighbourhood and with eyes already set in the distant shores of the galaxy. 

The parallelism is unavoidable. We are now living the days preceding a Great New Age Of Discoveries.

We are on our way, there can be no doubt about it, we just have to cross, once more, the Adamastor and convert it into a new Cape of Good Hope. 

We have, now worldwide, the Humans capable of taking the next step, capable of raising the banner of Adventure. We are ready to what Kepler has to reveal us, we are ready to embark.

May a visionary like Henry the Navigator come to light, may leaders like Dom João II, who believed in a vision, step forward and draw the Plan, setting our sails in this unknown, amazing, course. 

We are all Discoverers, sitting at the sand, contemplating the sea, waiting for the echo of the distant shore of a whole New World.

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