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Spirit. Your quest, our quest.

How can words fail you and emotion take over when you speak about a machine?
How can metal and wires give you a knot on your throat, make your eyes go teary and your heart to squeeze?
You become part of my life, everyday during these last 6 years, during its ups and downs, there you were, there we were, side by side in our hardships and glories, entangled in our far apart existences, I, from here, enticing you to go Onward! Always Onward…only to find myself amazed by listening to you, from the cold, harsh distance of Mars, whispering to me that everything is possible. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

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Editor’s quicknote

These words have as single objective, to congratulate one of Beyond the Cradle collaborators for her latest success.

Sarah Milkovich has become, officially, the HiRISE investigation scientist.

In a recent exchange of words, Sarah expressed her hapiness for being back “on” Mars and the window for new stories back here at BtC is now open after a time where…well…time wasn’t abundant.

So,  dear Sarah, here I am, waiting by the mailbox, waiting for you, your Mars, your HiRISE, your writing, and for that cold to go away fast.

Knowing how happy you are with the recent news and how long  the battle has been let me just tell you how proud I am to count with you, to learn with you, onboard this vessel of adventure, discovery and knowledge.

Sagan Medal for Steve Squyres

Mapping the past, projecting the future – With Philip Stooke

I remember well how I got in touch for the first time with Phil Stooke. It was 4 years ago.


On those days I had revived my interest for space exploration and was clinging to every site and forum dealing with the MER mission. It was in the days when the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit was negotiating the climbing of Husband Hill and,, in a certain forum, I was trying to figure what we were seeing on the ground when compared with orbital imagery and seeking a path that would take us to the other side of the story…Those who know me from these adventures are well aware of my poor sense of orientation.

Someone corrected me then, stubborn as I am, didn’t take his opinion that serious until someone alerted me to the fact: “Do you know who that is? That’s Phil Stooke!” to whom I’ve answered, from the pedestal of my ignorance…: “Phil Who?”.

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