Sagan Day Celebrations – Day V

The Restless Spirit of Science – By Bret S. Moore

There is in humanity a great, latent restlessness. We are rarely content to enjoy the same view for very long. We can’t seem to help ourselves, we are constant migrants, vagabonds, equal parts Huck Finn, Leo Africanus, and Alice. Read Full Essay


Some Personal Thoughts – By Nick Gautier  – Project Scientist for the Kepler Project

Carl’s work had direct effects on my personal life as well. From an early age I was enthralled with the ideas of space travel, other worlds, and other intelligent beings. How boring it would be if we were alone. But, it’s difficult to make real progress in space exploration as a nine-year-old so I proceeded with the usual process of growing up and getting an education. A timely inspiration for me was Carl’s 1966 book with Iosif Shklovskii, Intelligent Life in the Universe, which helped lay the foundation for rational, scientific study of my childhood fascination. Read Full Essay

    • beyond the cradle
    • November 9th, 2010

    It was a pleasure for us all Bret. I am sure future opportunities to bring everyone onboard will appear in a near future. 😉

  1. Very glad to be a published part of the project. I hope there’ll be more opportunities for us amateurs in the future!

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