The Ultreya Chronicles – I

btc_avatar_ruiWhere will we be 1000 years from?
Maybe here, maybe there, maybe everywhere, maybe nowhere…
Species come and go, they pop out and vanish at a same rhythm, some leaving no trace, others just a mere glimpse of their passage, what would make us, humans, different?
We have, nowadays, the possibility of creating the conditions for perpetuating our existence by diminishing the risk of extinction.
How? Doing what we have always done: Spreading.

This will only be acquired with knowledge and the practical application of that same knowledge.
We must not remain attained to our own unique, beautiful, but also, at a same time, fragile and harsh planet under the risk of this same planet becoming the witness of our own disappearance.

There is an old saying that resisted through times hanging on the wall of an albergue in the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route leading to the Galician town of Compostela:
“Take what you need, leave what you can.”
That is, according to my point of view, a motto for life, for exploration, for the study and the endeavours taking us towards our next frontier.

As those medieval pilgrims walking the distances separating them from Finis Terrae, their world’s end, also we, now, are taking the steps through unknown territory, full of dangers, full of challenges, full of beauty, full of hope.

To those not aware, we are already on our way to the stars, that journey started long time ago, even before we were humans, made of stars we are and it is to the stars that we are aiming, we are aiming to return to the origins. By looking up into the night sky, thinking, willing, conceiving the methods, designing and building the tools that will permit us such a journey, we are all, today, part of the quest taking us back home.

If, as Goethe wrote, Europe was made by walking the Camino, the Path of Santiago, it is now the time to say that the whole Mankind will evolve by walking the Path of the Stars.
It is vital an indispensable, powerful, boost, it is urgent to set our eyes in a new Compostela: the worlds beyond the cradle.
A new era is on its way, a completely different walk takes now place and were all, as those medieval pilgrims, part of it. Part of a process that will grant us, as in the past, the survival of the species.

Into the vastness of the Universe lives our own future.
That is the direction to follow, Onward towards the unexplored.
There, where questions were never posed, we will search for answers.
There, where ports were never visited, we will arrive.
There, where Man never was, we will be.

That is, I believe, the Nature of Mankind, to go where it never was…there, where a morning was never described, where a smile was never seen, there, there is where we must go.
Above. Above fears. Beyond. Beyond idleness.
Above and beyond. That is where we must go.

And there we shall seed the distance because we all are the distance.
From Africa’s first steps to a thinking, vibrant galaxy, we are the haven and the launch pad, the thrust and the landing site.

If we are now contemplating the distance, it is because we are searching for ourselves, for our own new course, for a reflection of our own future arrival.
Exploring beyond the cradle is, without any doubt, our natural next step, our agreement with the universe, as an imperative. The universe gave us life, we will keep on giving conscience to the universe.

Who wants to go There? Where Man hasn’t yet make an appearance? To go where we do not exist? Once more beyond mountains and abysses, once more creatures of movement.

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