We owe ourselves a path

btc_avatar_ruiWe owe ourselves a path.

Of clarity and learning.

Of will and and pragmatism.

We owe ourselves the path ahead.

Even the simple fact of taking the decision of walking that new path will give origin to a common spirit, a pulsating one, evolving, day by day, to be unleashed.

It urges to feed that spirit and not submitting it to immobility.

In order to move onward we must expose ourselves, we must be ourselves the risk and the reward, the before and the after. 


How fantastic has been the Human journey so far? Just how fantastic will we, humble designers of the tomorrow, draw the following steps? We, the dreamers, raisers of foundations. We the dreamers, vessels ready to depart, rewriting the tides, rediscovering islands, remembering myths…moving onwards, not looking behind.

The future is itself shaped through the walk, and it doesn’t wait, it is already the fraction right after the end of this sentence. Now!

And already past…

The future is when in front of one foot we put the other, deciding where to go, the future is our home, let us build it with the measure of the incredible, a home where ideas, knowledge, courage, ingenuity, have a room.


Let us invest in the action, in the speech, in the drawing, let us invest and not fear the releasing of ballast.


Tide, mountain, misery and epiphany, we will screen each one of these.

Not only of water s the tide made, the nature of the mountain is more than its peak, there’s gold within the misery and fuel in an epiphany.


Let us dare to adventure ourselves.


There will be an unsuspected moment, a formula, a work of love, a click that will work as the definitive trigger for a never seen wonder, there will be, in this I sediment by belief. And we, marvelled and resistant projectiles will transpierce the empty space, seeding while shimmying, a whole new book of knowing.


And on the arrival we will be a whole new chapter, a whole new opportunity, a whole new species, we will be the Homo Viator, a precursor, a step on the ladder towards the Homo Universalis.

Ambitious, this words? Arrogant, this ride? Maybe, but the journeyers, this new pilgrims, will know how to be up to the challenge because it is of us, Mankind, of our nature, to confront the obstacles and to overcome them.

It is ours the new frontier and to cross it only takes a step.

May inspiration never abandon us.


Rui Borges

  1. Caros Bárbara e Gonçalo
    Agradeço contacto via e-mail:
    rui dot alexandre dot borges at gmail dot com

  2. Olá Rui,
    Temos vindo a desenvolver uma série de ideias que queremos materializar num objecto visual, cuja natureza se encontra ainda algo indefinida. Neste contexto, o vosso manifesto revelou-se para nós um importante elemento de reflexão e uma ajuda à conceptualização do trabalho.

    A necessidade de diálogo com terceiros relativamente ao projecto, e às ideias que lhe estão inerentes, tem vindo a demonstrar-se cada vez mais urgente.
    Só posteriormente à leitura do manifesto é que reparamos num nome lusófono entre os autores, o que nos facilita um pouco a comunicação e total entendimento do que pretendemos discutir.
    Gostaríamos então de saber se existe predisposição da sua parte à criação deste diálogo.

    P.S – Gostávamos de o ter podido contactar por e-mail, mas não conseguimos encontrá-lo, tendo achado então esta a melhor forma de o fazer.

    Bárbara Fonseca
    Gonçalo Nobre

    • Allen Taylor
    • March 9th, 2009

    Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

    Allen Taylor

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