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Sagan Day Celebrations – Day VI

We Are at the Prow of the Whole – By Rui Borges

We find ourselves, in this present time, in this present space, sharing a common opportunity to consciously share the wonders of this journey through the Universe. We are, at the same time, those with the power to generate questions and to seek the answers. We are the whole on a quest for its own reason. The Universe has, in its infinite sequence of events, generated its own awareness and we, as life, as percipient life, are at the threshold of the Incredible. Read Full Essay


50 Years of SETI: One Cup of the Cosmic Ocean – By Jill Tarter, SETI Institute

Frank Drake conducted the first radio search for extraterrestrial intelligence fifty years ago; radio and optical search programs have been ongoing ever since. Many people think that means that we’ve searched exhaustively and should now draw pessimistic conclusions from our lack of success thus far. Carl Sagan knew better. His imagery of the vast cosmic ocean puts our efforts into context. We have barely begun to search! Read Full Essay



When the concept of the Homo Viator Manifest emerged in my mind, it was of something like a tree, with a trunk from where diverse branches would radiate but being part of the same structure.
The first part of it was the fruit of the collaboration between myself and two dear friends, Stuart Atkinson and Nicholas Previsic…h. Since then it served also as inspiration for an audiovisual performance and other artworks. (which you can see here:
Now I would like to invite you, challenge you, to also become part of it. I want the Manifest to grow in as many different directions as possible. Go have a read and, if you feel inclined to write your own part of it, to share your own roadmap, send me an e-mail (rui dot alexandre dot borges at gmail dot com), the doors are open. Let us see in which direction the branches will grow.

Picking up the staff

A long, long time ago, in an Earth’s continent, creatures that would gave origin to Mankind, descended from a tree. An event with the known consequences.

One crumbling step after the other, we’ve spread ourselves through the orb, but that tree, that tree we once called home, remained alive, following its nature, following the rhythm of the seasons, loosing leaves, earning a new foliage, sharing its fruits.

That same tree is within us, within each one of us, always present in our collective experience as a species.

We are now under the shadow of a different tree, the universal one, scanning its branches, aiming at its juicy fruitage, never tasted before.

As, in the remoteness of time, we became bipedal beings who started roaming the land in search of the proper sites where we could thrive, we are now taking that pursuance a little farer.

Nowadays, hot jupiters and other almost unclassifiable sorts of exoplanets are our new deserts, our new abysses but…somewhere there, in the distance, a new verdant valley awaits us.

What we are doing here, peering at the stars, is the equivalent to our long march along the ridges of the Earth, on a vital scouting for survival.

We are, once more, picking up the staff, we are, once more, nomads, stellar nomads.

We are clearing the way for the Homo Viator.

At the prow of the whole

It may look like that we are, each one, ultimately, alone in the vastness of the Universe.
It may look like that all its secrets and distances will remain elusive, unsurpassable for Mankind.
It may look like that we should just accomodate ourselves to this perspective and, calmly, with no questions, just resign to this fate.
The truth is that we do not agree with appearances and we do not cease wondering.
The truth is that we will strive to give a meaning to this, aparently, neverending wandering.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, not alone.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, the Universe itself.
We are, each one of us, ultimately, one.

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The gods of the Earth will wait for us in the distance

An always tricky subject has been the naming of exoplanets, with their number quickly rising it will not be far in the future that we will reach the first thousand of planets discovered beyond the Solar System.

Will we keep naming them as catalog entries or will we move towards another direction? One that can capture the imagination of the world’s people?

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Homo Viator Manifest – Part I

What do we whitdraw from this fabled lands, from this enticing unknown islands at large?

We aim at a near return of Man, in full strength, to the Spirit of Adventure, towards a new quest, which was first dreamed, then imagined and finally sedimented in our species’ core, offering consistence, permitting no retreat, towards the next step, that must and will be, the embarking of members of the Human family, fellow creatures with the Beyond as flag, onboard a New Era of Discoveries.


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Homo Viator Manifest – Part I

The Ultreya Chronicles – I

btc_avatar_ruiWhere will we be 1000 years from?
Maybe here, maybe there, maybe everywhere, maybe nowhere…
Species come and go, they pop out and vanish at a same rhythm, some leaving no trace, others just a mere glimpse of their passage, what would make us, humans, different?
We have, nowadays, the possibility of creating the conditions for perpetuating our existence by diminishing the risk of extinction.
How? Doing what we have always done: Spreading.

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