Prima Lux

We have First Light.


Kepler has, 1 month and 1 day after launch, opened its eyes to the worlds ahead and, as an unavoidable, desired, consequence, it will reveal us the beacons in the horizon, the beacons in between the Swan and the Lyre signaling a new era.

We had once more, as in other bifurcations in the history of our evolution, two choices at our disposal, to stay or to walk. We have chosen to move onwards, in the only possible direction, leaving the shadow and heading into the light.   

From here on blinds have been open for Mankind, child of the galaxy, to look beyond our common cradle and to discover that there are other Earths with other Suns nurturing them. Kepler as finally opened its eyes in the direction of the stars in the image above, an image inhabited by our dreams, questions and futures odysseys. 

From here on, throughout the Milky Way, the planets like our beloved Terra are ours to sight, to discover, to learn about and, when time dictates it, to venture into.  

The new worlds are there, in the distance, waiting for us.   


More details to follow.

  1. Fantastic news, congratulations to everyone involved! Looking forward to the first results… 🙂

    PS, @Rui: 😀

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