The gods of the Earth will wait for us in the distance

An always tricky subject has been the naming of exoplanets, with their number quickly rising it will not be far in the future that we will reach the first thousand of planets discovered beyond the Solar System.

Will we keep naming them as catalog entries or will we move towards another direction? One that can capture the imagination of the world’s people?

Every corner of the Earth inhabited by members of the human species has its own mythology and deities that embody that same system of beliefs, if those gods have now fell, most of them, into oblivion we cannot disregard their role on Mankind’s path towards the present time where we set eyes on new distant lands. Each agglomerate, each clan, each tribe, village, nation, empire has personified in mythical figures its fears, hopes and will to strive.

Now that we are on the brink of an unseen quest, maybe it is the right time to revive those memories and pay them the tribute by offering them the worlds arising in the horizon.

Just as an example let us pick this small piece of land where I am from, Portugal, a nation that originated in a even smaller territory known as Lusitania, only there, on an unfinished list, we can find the home of 75 deities, let us roughly multiply that for the number of nations of the Earth (195) and we can easily reach a number almost reaching 15000…I’m confident that it is enough to keep us occupied for quite some time…

The hard work will be the compilation of all the names and the criteria to gather exoplanets under a same pantheon but I believe that this task will be addressed in the best possible way, an extraordinary work is being developed by Wladimir Lyra, an astronomer at Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy, which you can know more about here.

The gods of the Earth will wait for us in the distance.


Grab a chair, we’ll be back on this subject soon…

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