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Come Celebrate Sagan!


Today is the launch of Kepler Mission’s celebrations of Carl Sagan’s 76th Birthday, to take place on November 9.

To mark the occasion, essays from the general public and articles by invited guests will be published on a daily basis at Kepler’s website.

Today you will find an essay by Sarah O’Sullivan and a special appearance by Seth Shostak.

It is also there that you will be able to find and original musical piece composed by Lyford Rome expressly to this special event.

Go! There is something incredible waiting to be known!



Добро пожаловать на борт, доктор Зайцев!*

Beyond the Cradle as the pleasure of counting with the collaboration of someone who’s career has been has diversified as recognized. That someone is Dr. Alexander Zaitzev, Chief Scientist of the Radio Engineering and Electronics Institute, Russian Academy of Science, who was kind enough to share his time and vision with BtC readers.

To know more about Dr. Zaitzev’s work please visit the Collaborators page, in the meanwhile stay with the words he adressed to the readers.

*Welcome aboard Dr. Zaitzev!


My Vision of SETI and METI Missions

In a distant, primeval, medieval past, Mankind lived with both their feet on a flat Earth,
considered, dogmatically, to be the center of the Universe, and we, people of the world, at the mercy of gods, were alone in the vastness of space and time.

Time made us earn the knowing that Earth is not the center of the Universe, neither our Sun, not even our galaxy…

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