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Herschel Log

As ESA’s Herschel and Planck missions are at Europe’s spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana, waiting for a launch now only 52 days away, it is time to present the most recent collaborator of BEYOND THE CRADLE, just got word from Leo Metcalfe that he will maintain, in this new home the chronicles he signed back at good old spacEurope, starting next week.


Metcalfe is the Science Operations Manager for Herschel, ESA’s beautifully crafted mission that, when launched it will be the largest space telescope of its kind. Herschel’s 3.5-metre diameter mirror will collect long-wavelength infrared radiation from some of the coolest and most distant objects in the Universe. Herschel will be the only space observatory to cover the spectral range from far-infrared to sub-millimetre wavelengths.

With its ability to detect far-infrared light, it will let astronomers see, for the first time, dusty and cold regions that have been hidden so far, making it possible reshape our understanding about how stars and galaxies formed.

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