editor’s note | 01


Welcome to BEYOND THE CRADLE, a blog born with one quest in its genetic code, fight the good fight of promoting space exploration efforts worldwide.  

BEYOND THE CRADLE is the natural successor of spacEurope, a place that I have never expected to grow so fast.

I must be sincere, I never thought that spacEurope would develop in such a way that, two years after being created, I would be able to look back all the people who were part of it, all the people who helped bulding it, turning that simple blog into a place respected and recognized as a source of reliable information and working as a bridge between those who make things happen and the general public.

It was a great adventure, full of work but, more importantly, a true work of passion and admiration for the women and men who, by dreaming, questioning, building and launching us towards higher grounds of knowledge. 

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