Sagan Celebrations – Day III

Keeping Our Place In A Complex Universe

By Michael Fried

Photons stream into your eyes and are interpreted by your spectacularly sophisticated brain. Your brain, which is capable of instantly picking the correct words to form sentences out of its collection of tens or hundreds of thousands of words. After all, the you that thinks and feels is really just your brain. And they’re not much to look at. No offense. Read Full Essay


The Shore of the Cosmic Ocean:
A Confluence of Humanity and Science

By Emma Bakes, PhD, MD candidate

I was fourteen years old, engrossed in nightly piano practice, when my mother came into the lounge and announced, with a great deal of excitement, that there was a TV program showing that I needed to see. I sighed heavily, in a way only teenagers can, accompanied by the obligatory eye roll, and decided it had better be good, because few things can outrank a Beethoven sonata. That TV program was “Cosmos” and within minutes, I found myself enthralled by Carl Sagan, his unique vision of the universe and humanity’s place within it. Read Full Essay

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