Sagan Celebrations – Day II

Today at Kepler’s:

Echoes on the Shore: Reflections of the Legacy of Carl Sagan – By Christian Brown

Sagan was a spokesman for a glorious reality that is, for all of its awesomeness, undeniably real. In the eye of the public, geniuses and charlatans alike are most often judged not by the content of their message, but by the skillfulness of their delivery. Sagan was a rare blend of style and substance, a potent combination of showmanship and the sacrosanct, the likes of which can capture the attention of an entire planet. Read Full Essay

Shore Leave – Some thoughts inspired by  The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean, by Carl Sagan – By Jeffrey Van Cleve

As I watched Carl Sagan travel in his “Ship of the Imagination” in “The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean,” I felt amazement at the achievements of the human mind and hand, not only in Sagan’s message but also in the medium through which I was viewing it: the iPhone, YouTube, and all the technology behind them; we’re some pretty smart monkeys, after all. As Sagan’s journey started with a dandelion, went to the edge of the Universe, and returned, I felt a sense of beauty, like Blake, “to see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower.” Read Full Essay

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