BtC new crew member

EDITED: Happy April’s Fool Day!

BtC joyfully presents his newest resident columnist: 

omWhen Professor Orlando de Mattos states that he is the most recognized psychic medium in The Netherlands, it does so with a sense of responsibility and mission of a simple man with great wisdom and mystical power, transmitted by their ancestors. A man who knows and wants to help people in great difficulties.  

Professor de Mattos receives dozens of people daily with enormous difficulties and problems in Love, Work, Money, health problems, spiritual and others for which no explanation was found.  

Thousands of people have been helped by Orlando in more than 27 years of mission, these are the best testimony of the mediumistic and healing skills of Professor de Mattos.  

Supporting, Helping, Treating and Healing, part of the daily life of Professor de Mattos, which strives to return the joy to all who seek and are the victims of karmic deviations caused by lack of luck, several blocks, envy, for ritual witchcraft, among other causes.  

To see Orlando as part of Beyond the Cradle crew is to reunite myself personally with harmony, the welfare and the True Path of Life. 

Welcome Professor!








    • Professor Orlando de Mattos
    • April 1st, 2009

    Hallo jimipak!

    A plEausure too answer your sensitible questions.
    Thei are about Marz I see…
    I wiil anser tjhe fisrt one with an enygma:
    What is yellow, braun and smells fonny? huu Isee you thinking tjhere…ahah

    The 2econd question…I was the resposnible for tjhem all by inlfuencing via a meditation seccion the choice…just to santify your curious mind I can tell you that Amelia is tjhe name of my deer wife…

    All tjhe best,

  1. Welcome, Professor de Mattos, and thank-you for taking a few minutes from your packed schedule. I wonder if you could enlighten us with the word from the Other Side and bring the enlightenment of the forgotten adepts through your visionary insight into the realm of The Other, here to BtC.

    I have two questions which I beseech you to pass along to the Spirits of the Ancients, that my troubled soul may be at rest at last. Firstly, in their legendary and sacred Teaching “Perchlorate in Martian Soil: Evidence and implications” (LPSC, 2009, Hecht, Catling Clary, DeFlores, Gospodinova, Kapit, Kounaves, Ming, Quinn, West and Young, 2009) that, since perchlorate salts with divalent cations are deliquescent, and that some saturated solutions have freezing points in the range of the Martian frost-point at Phoenix’ location of around -70 Celsius, that small liquid pools may be a relatively common phenomena in the geologically present (when Milankovic cycles are favourable.) So, was that a drop of liquid on the leg, or what?

    Secondly, I wonder if Master de Mattos would enlighten this miserable grasshopper on the most burning topic of spiritual debate amongst the Learned of this age: which of the options for MSL names does the exalted one consider the least worst?

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