BtC Channel #0002 – Keep Your Dreams Alive

It was approximately a year ago that I had the pleasure of receiving a phone call from ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel, two weeks after his return from the International Space Station. Schlegel was part of the STS-122 mission which had the objective of delivering the European Columbus module to the ISS.

That talk was posted at the spacEurope blog but, somehow, I couldn’t let it behind and, after editing it and give it a new look, decided to bringit  to this new home…

The reason for this are, undoubtfuly, some of the ideas transmitted by the astronaut which were, are and will endure as truly inspirational.


And… ah well…just looked like the perfect way to kick-off the BtC Channel emissions….

I’m no expert on editing so, visually, the work is a bit, repetitive…after watching it I know you would recognize Schlegel at night with your eyes closed…but the most important thing here are the words, the message, the lesson, the encouragement given by the astronaut for me, you, everyone, to find the issue and to keep our dreams alive.

Listen to it. Until the end. 

  1. Well, yes, of course exploration of the frontier is human, but so also is turning away from the frontier and attempting to enforce a rigid, static society. The balance between these two tendencies will determine our fate, and our business is to make sure the expansive side of our nature wins!


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