Beyond the Cradle proudly presents…

The Beyond the Cradle adventure has barely left the launch pad but the great news keep on arriving to the mission control… 

If you have followed the Kepler related posts in the past days you know already one of the mission’s Co-Investigator, Jon Jenkins, who, through his words, was able to transmit us all the emotions that someone, working closely to the mission, experiences. 

Jon, who came to work for the SETI Institute in 1992 is considered nowadays, by NASA, with his crew, the “dream team” of data analysis. As stated on the Agency’s website Jenkins is anxiously waiting for the moment where data from the the mission will arrive and, consequently, get to be analyzed. That is when, according to his words “All of the magic will happen in the data processing facility. That is where pixels will turn into planets,” furthermore he adds “It’s like getting new prescription glasses. We’ll get to see things we have never seen before.”    

Well, Jon Jenkins just embarked on BtC’s vessel and you will be able to read his passionate speech on the days to come, being it about groundbreaking mission as Kepler is or about other space related themes.

I’ll leave you with his acceptance words… 

jenkins_jon_3_enh11Thank you for the kind invitation to join your impressive panel of collaborators. I do welcome the opportunity to write additional material for Beyond The Cradle. Last week was the “eye of the hurricane” between the end of the all-out run to get ready for launch and the start of the all-out run to analyze the commissioning data and get into science ops, so I’m glad you’re only asking for a few columns a year. I really enjoyed reading the columns on BTC and writing the essay for you on launch day.


I do hope your are hungry for a few columns about Kepler as we start harvesting those worlds, but welcome the opportunity and impetus to expand my thinking beyond Kepler (I’ve been rather immersed inside of Kepler for the last few years…) 



But that’s not all…

From this side of the ocean arrives one more collaborator to the deck of the ship:

Jorge Candeias, this name may sound unfamiliar for now but I am sure that, as time passes and his words emerge, this will change…

Jorge is a Portuguese writer, translator and editor for the fantastic and sci-fi genre in who I deposit my greatest expectations…and this isn’t meant to work as pressure on his shoulders.

In spite of his reserves I know what he is capable of… 

jc1Jorge Candeias is a tiny speck of stardust of no importance whatsoever in the grand scheme of things. Educated as a scientist of the biological persuasion, this marginally organized speck of stardust was forced by life to face his true nature and now splits his time between eagerly devouring everything he can find about the Cosmos and our place in it, and the mysteries, traps and joys of words. Portuguese words, for that is his mother tongue and the only one in which he can really express himself fully, but also English words, for it’s in the transformation of the latter into the former that he finds his daily subsistence, all the while dreaming of finding the time and mental availability to write his own stuff. Sometimes he actually does find that time and availability and he has a few publications of his own, including a small book and a few translated stories, one of which to English. Sometimes things go full circle. 

When Rui asked him if he wanted to participate in Beyond the Cradle, with its cohort of highly knowledgeable collaborators, he was at one time thrilled and hugely intimidated, which is a state he very seldom finds himself in. After exposing his somewhat existential doubts, he ended up allowing himself to be persuaded to accept the invitation and promised to write a handful (with a few fingers cut off, probably) of posts every year. He’ll try to make believe he feels at ease here, but in reality his only aspiration is not to look too ignorant in comparison with the rest.



I am an happy editor…

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