Still with Kepler: The Birth of the Universe 2.0 – By Stuart Atkinson

The launch of Kepler, due to the nature of its mission, has generated a flow of thoughts that some, fortunately for us readers, have the gift to put into words…:

Yet the vast majority of people I meet day to day are blissfully unaware that they now live in a universe populated by many solar systems, not just ours. On my way back from work at night I pass people heading to the off-licence or take-away, or walking their dog, or sneaking a cigarette in a shop doorway and I want to grab their shoulders, turn them to look at the sky and tell them “Look! Up there! Lots of those stars have planets! We can’t just say ‘the solar system’ anymore, we should be saying ‘OUR solar system!’… it really is that big a deal to me.

This is a teaser from a full article by Stuart Atkinson, who collaborates with BEYOND THE CRADLE but also spreads the word in his own blog, Cumbrian Sky, go and read it ALL!

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