Innumerable Suns Exist

Living beings inhabit these worlds.” 

“Innumerable suns exist; innumerable earths revolve around these suns in a manner similar to the way the seven planets revolve around our sun. 



Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)


More than 400 hundreds separate the vision defended by Giordano Bruno of the existence of other suns and other worlds beyond the solar system, more than 400 years were required for the first confirmation of a planet orbiting another star besides our Sun.

Now, in the first years of the XXI century, as we speak, our eyes are set in the distance.

If in the beginning all we could see was a legion of fiery planetary goliaths now, from among them we are starting to distinguish a different kind of characters in this play which scenario lays light years far from the eager audience.

Being it from telescopes on the ground or from spacecraft peeking through the vastness of space, this quest has reach, in so little time, a border. In a question of years, almost counted by the fingers in our hands, we have passed from ignoring the existence of other worlds far from our solar neighbourhood to the amazement of witnessing the universe’s black slate getting punctuated with planetary dots. But things can only get better in the future and one objective has emerged above all the others, to find a second Earth.


BEYOND THE CRADLE will follow closely the steps being given towards this goal and answers may arise sooner than we can think of. 

This is one of the reasons why I have invited Professor Debra Fischer (check the Collaborators area for more detailed information) to be part of this blog’s panel of collaborators, although this is one of the most enticing themes of our days, I must assume my condition and that is the one of the pupil, having her acceptance, being Professor Fischer on the frontline of such quest, gives me the guarantee that we will have here at BEYOND THE CRADLE, someone able to carry the torch and, as we, curious creatures, follow her closely, show us the direction we’re headed and, before our marvelled eyes, explains us the wonders along the journey.


A privilege I say. As a way of knowing better Debra Fischer, from who we will follow the steps on her hunt for the worlds of tomorrow, I leave here an excerpt of a talk that took place last year, hosted by Swissnext, where we will see our collaborator, along with Didier Queloz who, with Michel Mayor, discovered the first exoplanet around a main sequence star, talking about their search for exoplanets and the fascinating prospect of finding one like our own, Earth 2.0 


Check the full version video here, worths every minute of it.

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    think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

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